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"Hello! I'm Kiri and am a multidisciplinary artist living in Melbourne. My personal style varies depending on my mood but I always dress comfortably and practically.

[My approach to dressing] is definitely instinctual! It has to go with my mood at the time or else it just isn't right! I think at the end of the day I always want to be in something comfortable. I almost always wear pants and a t-shirt and some good shoes and bags with them.

It's great how much new inspiration and content we can see everyday on [Instagram], but at the same time I also dislike it. It's so easy to see trends which take over the masses and sometimes I feel like the trendiness can ruin the designers intellectual and conceptual vision.

I think location has a lot of influence on the way I dress. I feel like different cities give off different vibes for ways in which I feel like dressing! I really like that about travelling.

My advice is to just wear what feels right [and] don't try be something you're not. Trying something new is great, but make sure you're still staying true to what feels good on you. I love being able to step into different versions of myself through my clothes. [Style] is mostly confidence! Honestly, if you truly believe you look great, you will!"

–as told to Couturesque

Images via @kiribirii

Style Profiles is a series that highlights the unique sartorial outlook of our favourite creatives who share their personal style on social media.

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