September 18, 2017


 New York, I love you, but when it comes to great beauty looks, you really left us hanging this season.  While designers took risks moving their shows to subversive venues (or ditching 'venues' as we know them altogether), there was an overwhelming tendency to pair back other elements of the collections, including beauty.  The "no makeup" makeup look predominated at the vast majority of shows, giving those of us who enjoy revelling in the creativity of makeup artists each season something of a beauty drought.


No matter, because London's crowd of emerging cool kid designers was just the answer that it turned out we needed.  Always ones to experiment and step out of the box, designers like Ashley Williams and Shrimps married their collections with a variety of unique beauty ideas to adapt for yourself come Spring 2018.


Which catwalk had the best beauty?  Leave a comment and tell us or share your own interpretations on our Beauty Board in the Couturesque Community.





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