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While New York may still be the United States’ capital for runway fashion, Los Angeles has been slowly but surely transforming into a hub for editorial fashion content. With it’s generous light and diverse landscapes, California is the ideal location for experimenting with photography and visuals. High fashion has historically been associated with Europe and the East Coast, characterized by an elite market and favouring luxury and opulence, but the fashion scene in Los Angeles has been instrumental in transmuting this vision of style into a more exuberant and democratized space since the latter half of the last century.

Daria Kobayashi Ritch, Daniel Regan, Olivia Malone, Carissa Gallo, and Nastassia Brückin are five photographers who are instrumental in capturing this shift, bringing the essence of Los Angeles to life through their sun soaked images. Not only are these artists responsible for some of the most dazzling editorials and campaigns in our favourite indie magazines or on our Instagram feeds, but their various visions are central in facilitating this shift in the fashion industry towards a more down to earth, younger audience who value authenticity above all else.

At just twenty-five, Daria Kobayashi Ritch (@dritch) is already becoming of the biggest names in editorial photography. Her flawlessly composed images have garnered the attention of everyone in the industry from Urban Outfitters to Dior. While other editorial photographers of the same genus air towards a less focused, dreamier aesthetic, Ritch sets herself apart with portraits that are intensely clear and crisp, bathing her subjects in a perfect golden light and illuminating their features without overwhelming them. She's shot with the cast of Riverdale, Chloe and Halle, and even photographed Solange's Evening Standard cover (she wishes they kept her original hairstyle too, don't worry).

Born and raised in California, Daniel Regan (danielregan_____) draws on his Los Angeles upbringing to drive his creative spirit. His shoots air on the side of natural and intimate, often capturing subjects in his native Venice. Regan’s photographs have this relaxed and humble quality to them, making even the most ostentatious Gucci gowns seem as unpretentious as jeans and t-shirts. Whether he is shooting for a street style or an haute couture label, Regan never strays from this signature sincerity that makes his images so compelling.

Olivia Malone (@oliviamalone)’s editorials are the kind of photographs that give the fashion industry a reason to keep print alive; there’s something about seeming them on a screen that just doesn’t do them justice. Her photographs are stunningly sharp, bringing her subjects to life with effervescent texture and colours. From editorial work to photojournalistic portraits, each of Malone’s shots is uniquely captivating.

Carissa Gallo (@carissajg) identifies herself as being “interested in how humans interact with colour, surfaces, and each other,” and this is just what her photographs convey. As Gallo toys with different photographical environments, her dynamic portraits come to life, giving personality and vivacity to both her models and the objects which with they interact.

Nastassia Brückin (@nastassia_bruckin)’s photographs are quintessentially Californian. Shooting in idyllic, sun-drenched locations, Brückin works to create images that explore the ways in which people and objects interact with the natural world. This mission is something Brückin maintains through almost all of her editorial portfolio, but is particularly ostensible in her work with California based lingerie company, Pansy Co.

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