• Maya


Greetings, Couturesque-ies. I’m Maya, the new Beauty Editor and I love loving things. I love fashion and I love beauty, and in fact, I love them so much that I critique them with the same ferocity I use to appreciate them. Every time I do my makeup or construct something on my face, I find myself thinking about the message I’m trying to send, and if I want that message to visually connect with how I see myself or how I want to be seen.

When I first started really experimenting with beauty, I remember shocking my parents with my unconventional looks, specifically my father, who would consistently question me as to why on EARTH I would do my makeup to look like I was ill. I had always been someone to be “into makeup” the same way your run of the mill YouTube beauty gurus were, but experimenting with bloody-looking eye makeup and white powdered eyelashes and eyebrows that scared my father, and feeling entirely liberated. I remember specifically explaining my whole process to him, saying that the power of a look doesn’t come from what makes you look beautiful to others or even what makes you look beautiful to yourself; a look comes from an idea you fall in love with. There is a separation between the process and the goal - for example, when you write an essay for class on, say, gentrification, you’re into what you’re saying about the subject, but writing that essay doesn’t make you a fan of gentrification. When I create a look, I don’t do it because I want to be seen as beautiful and I don’t do it because I want to be beautiful, I do it because I believe in whatever fantasy I want to create. To sum up his and my mother’s response to this, they’re both my biggest fans.

That isn’t to say that I never wear makeup to appear beautiful to others or to myself, because that would be a bold-face lie; humans are narcissistic little hedonists sometimes. At the same time, if we just blindly love beauty so as to not see how much of it is based on conventional ways of looking, we’ve just put on our rose-colored glasses and stared directly at the sun for an hour, expecting to see clearer afterward.

So, I created this look as an example of this philosophy – loving things and being excited by beauty that doesn’t have to be completely aesthetically pleasing.

We’re all under the influence of the powers that be. Instead of letting that fact get you down, think about it like this: you’ve got nothing to lose. Just some food for thought. Enjoy my first beauty look, Couturesque-ies. Looking forward to contributing to this fabulous COMMUNITY.



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