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Image: Minzly/YouTube

When it comes to celebrating fresh talent, Couturesque is all about linking up with multi-hyphenates. The more interdisciplinary your work is, the more layered and interesting it becomes, and this holds true for 24 year old Houston-based model and visual director Minzly, whose debut fashion film drops today, exclusively with Couturesque.

"Sometimes the King is a Female is a fashion film that came about when [DP] Dakota and I would just be out shooting looks; one day he started filming and I’m like 'hmmmm let’s film every time we shoot,'" Minzly told us over e-mail. "As we started keeping the clips, 4 [looks] became 10; I then suggested we make a short film."

The resulting 2-minute production is an amalgam of nostalgic, futuristic, cosmopolitan, and DIY-infused looks, following the story of a model from in front of the camera, to behind the scenes, taking control of her image thanks to a cunning knack for styling and visuals - much like Minzly's own story.

"I want viewers to see how diverse my talents are and I am not just 'a model' or 'a director;' I am just a real life creator," she says. Message received.

Watch Sometimes the King is a Female below and find Minzly on Instagram @kingminzly.

Tell us about your background in the fashion industry.

Minzly: I have been a fashion model for over 4 years working with product companies such as MTV, Viacom, publishing in Vogue Italia, and have been creative directing visuals all across the board from short films and music videos for 2 years.

What were the challenges that you had to overcome with this first project?

Minzly: The whole process of waiting while everything is being edited is just that - A PROCESS... honestly that was the most difficult part of the whole film. The editing is definitely something we tried paying close attention too.

Do you have a favourite look from this film?

Minzly: My favorite look from the film is the scene from the laundromat wearing the green quilted dress with thigh high boots and giant vintage sunnies. My favorite part of the creation process would have to be coming up with different outfits!

What do you want your followers to take away from this project?

Minzly: I want viewers to see how diverse my talents are and I am not just 'a model' or 'a director;' I am just a real life creator.

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