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Waking up and getting motivated - especially during the summer - can feel like an impossible task on somedays. Especially for those who aren't morning people, it's essential to get into a routine and build good habits so that you can start your day and get shit done (world domination, anybody?), but at the same time, it's easy to compare yourself to all of the videos of princess-like fashion bloggers waking up and doing a 25step, thousand-dollar skincare routine in their luxury apartment and feel a little bit discouraged. Whether it's pampering yourself with a refreshing shower, checking your e-mails, or cooking breakfast, we each have our own unique way of getting inspired in the AM. We asked 5 of our favourite creatives: what is the first thing that you do when you wake up?

Gabby Richardson (a.k.a @fridacashflow), Artist/Curator for Art Hoe Collective in NYC

"The first thing I do when I wake up... is go back to sleep." Click here for Gabby's full interview.

Ceildh Joy (a.k.a @lilmixedhunny), Vintage Buyer/Model/Consultant in NYC

"See if I actually put my phone in the charger. I probably never do...I find it hard to stay motivated sometimes. But when I wake up and see everyone rooting for me in such a genuine manner, I feel nothing but pride and happiness. That keeps me motivated to not stay home and watch Rick and Morty all day." Click here for Ceildh's full interview.

Cassey Chanel (a.k.a @casseychanel), Model in London

"Put some Sade on while I cook an omelette as I Vogue with a spatula in my hand." Click here for Cassey's full interview.

Camille Jansen (a.k.a @camillejansen), Model/YouTuber in Paris

"I remember the fact that I have 30,000 people that I can influence and inspire in a positive way, through creating and putting out content that I'm passionate about. I take time alone, go walk around Paris, find new music to listen to or go through magazines such as Dazed or i-D as their articles and short films are so inspiring and help my creative flow come back to life." Click here for Camilles full interview.

Shelby Hamilton (a.k.a @_shelbyhamilton), Blogger in Australia

"My morning routine consists of coffee, playing music and probably checking my phone. I have a shower first thing in the morning. I can’t get on with my day properly without a shower." Click here for Shelby's full interview.

How do you get inspired to start your day? Leave us a comment and tell us all about your morning routine.

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