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What does it mean to have influence? In the fashion industry, the role of the influencer or tastemaker has always been a pivotal one - from the early authority of editors and socialites, to modern day front row staples like bloggers and celebrities. Full-time creatives have made a living out of sharing their expressive sense of style on the Internet, via blogs, YouTube, and Instagram. But turning your lifestyle into a career isn't straightforward and can take years to build towards. We've interviewed a plethora of the industry's most interesting and successful multi-channel creatives and we compiled their best advice for you here.

It's Not Just About Selfies - Embrace Your Creative Potential

"Creating beautiful things motivate me. Whether that be taking photographs, drawing, writing. When I am feeling inspired and creating things, that is when I’m most motivated." -Shelby Hamilton, @_shelbyhamilton (142K followers)

Know (And Be) Yourself

"I just love taking photos of my everyday life. I'm addicted to doing it. You can't take me to dinner without having me wander off to take a photo of a corner of the restaurant. I think inspiration is everywhere and I enjoy capturing it as a hobby and as a way to share my creative perspective with the world. If you're looking to grow your digital presence, be consistent, establish a brand and a point of view for yourself, and stay true to it. The rest will follow." - Alyssa Coscarelli, @alyssainthecity (71K followers)

Rewrite The Rules

"It was when I started the YouTube channel (2 years ago) that I decided to dive in head first and be a fulltime freelancer. The transition has been great, but I still lined up my ducks before going into it. I pitched AG Jeans a 6-month contract when I started, and they hadn’t done anything like it before. That way I knew going out that I had something to fall back on and that AG was supporting me. I’ve learned so much about how to hustle from the corporate world that I knew I was going to be ok [...] One of the biggest things is that to be successful you don’t necessarily have to be the most talented, just on top of your game. You always have to think 2 steps ahead of anyone else to stay relevant and wanted. You always have to bring something to the table and remember that you were hired because you were of valued, so keep showing your value." - Rachel Nguyen, @thatschic (98K followers)

You Have to Put In the Work

"Keep saving $$. Time spent working instead of socializing isn't wasted." -Kailee McKenzie, @kaileemckenzie (113K followers)

Use Your Voice

"[I am motivated by] remembering the fact that I have 30,000 people that I can influence and inspire in a positive way, through creating and putting out content that I'm passionate about." -Camille Jansen, @camillejansen (106K)

Find Your Team

"My friends and people I surround myself with [motivate me]. I love collaborating and embracing and appreciate other artists work as well it inspires and motivates me and bouncing your ideas off with other artists is always a fun process I learn more about myself and others." -Lux Milk, @milkizm (15K)

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