April 10, 2018

Cue Vivaldi's Concerto No. 1 in E major (or press play on Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams") and rejoice! Spring is officially here. Well, sort of. Though some are feeling the freeze of winter-like cold fronts and Nor'easters, the itch to shed those heavy layers and feel the sun is hitting us all. It's time to show a little skin - embrace those winter bodies we've been covering for four long months. To spark inspiration, we compiled a list of some of our favourite springtime stylings worn by some of our favourite Instagram gals. Breezy fabrics, vibrant colours, updated florals, fresh accessories, and inventive styling feel like the season's mood. Moreover, spring seems like the perfect time to throw away all of the traditional style rules or notions and instead celebrate what makes each of us beautifully individual - the best kind of spring cleaning. 




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