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In creative industries right now, there is a lot to be said about reality television. Every other day, another TV socialite is stepping into interior design, or starring in a wellness campaign, or launching a designer collaboration.

The 212, a new show from Fuse, flips this script. Its cast - five New York based millennials - are hustling to become the next names in fashion, art, music, and entrepreneurship. Dallas, Milk, Posterboy, K$ace, and Odalys Pena aren’t your stereotypical reality TV stars, but represent a new brand of young voices earning their keep through hard work and talent.

We talked to the cast about living and working in New York and what their go-to sites in the city are for getting inspired.

Posterboy, 23

Artist, Musician, Designer

Best place to...

Eat? This low key spot in the LES called Jias. They make really bangin' home food. I always get the ox tail with potatoes.

Listen to music? I just pull up to where my friends are DJ’ing like Odalys and Hu Dat because they know the vibesss.

Shop? Urban Vintage in Bushwick is dope because you can find nice quality Levi’s for like $6. When I first moved to New York I would go there to cop my starter jackets and winter coats because you could find fly stuff for super cheap – it lowkey saved me, lol.

People watch? For people watching, of course the best place for that is on the subway. All the different characters that exist in this world are interesting to me and sometimes hilarious.

Get inspired? Honestly, when I need a moment to think and breathe I head to any rooftop I can get to and just take a moment to look at the skyline. There’s something about it that is peaceful, inspiring, but also chaotic, because you know the opportunity is limitless.

Milkizm, 24

Artist, Creative

Best place to...

Eat? Mahji Korean fried chicken, Taste of Heaven, Gia, Factory Tamale, Nam Sang

Listen to music? Friend's DJ sets or Electric Circus.

Shop? Beacon’s Closet in Greenpoint, Dana Fole, Round 2, and sample sales.

People watch? Trains, the Homies Wonderland bench, Lower East Side and Dumbo by the water, or Macarren Park in Greenpoint .

Get inspired? All around when walking, or Chelsea galleries, The [Met] Cloisters, and LES.

Lil Dalls, 20

Model, Artist

Best place to...

Eat? Right now, I looooove to eat at Lucien. They have my favorite steak frites, escargot, and wine. But the food is only half of the experience. The atmosphere is this rowdy blend of rock star and bourgeoisie that leaves me high in energy. It’s f*cking awesome.

Listen to music? Everywhere. I put in my headphones and blast whatever I’m currently listening to, walk around and get inspired. I observe all the people walking by, the architecture, the streets, the smell, while drinking an espresso and let the energy just rush into my head.

Shop? More recently I haven’t been much into clothes; streetwear dominates fashion and I hate it. I’m in an in-between phase of high fashion and thrift. I can’t really afford the clothes I want so I make due with what I have. There’s a little shop on Clinton and Stanton in LES where I’ve been getting my shirts, and my friend’s shop, Mr. Baguette, has been hooking up my accessories. I’m in more of a necklace and bracelet faze rather than clothing.

People watch and get inspired? My inspiration comes from the people I see. I’ve really been getting inspiration from “regular” people who work nine to five’s. That takes so much dedication and focus to live that life. I’ll never understand.

Odalys Peña, 21

Creative Entrepreneur

Best place to...

Eat? I would say VSPOT in St. Marks and The Butcher’s Daughter. They’re great vegan spots that make it easy for you to eat vegan and not feel like its vegan, which I love. It was so hard converting to being vegan, but these places make it easy.

Listen to music? My favorite place to listen to music would be everywhere. Music was always there for me no matter what I was going through, no matter what emotion I felt, no matter where I was. Music is my life and I can’t live without it. Sometimes I can’t even step outside my house without music being the first part of my day – it always just uplifts me to start my day.

Shop? : I love thrifting more than shopping, but to be honest, I never really bought clothes ever. Brands and designers always gave me clothes for free. If I had a favorite thrift store though, I suppose it would be Beacon’s Closet. There is not one time I go into one and don’t come out with anything.

People watch? I don’t people watch lol – I find that weird. I do love to enjoy my day and always compliment people though whether it’s a cool hairstyle or their clothes!

Get inspired? I can be alone to my thoughts, no specific place at all, sometimes being around a lot of people can cloud your thoughts, or people in general can just cloud your thoughts with their personal opinions.

K$ace, 22


Best place to...

Eat? Ruby’s - that’s my shit because they have this fire ass burger with egg on it that hits every time!

Listen to music? All through the city because everything sounds better in the whip and traffic sucks so I get to hear more than one song.

Shop? : Beacon's closet, I don’t really spend a lot of money on clothes I enjoy finding pieces for the low.

People watch? 138th and 3rd Ave because there’s always some wild shit going on in the Bronx, hahaha.

Get inspired? My house because I live with my best friends - always a crazy story to right about.

The 212 airs every Tuesday night at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT on Fuse and Fuse On Demand with original digital content streaming on

Images c/o Fuse/Lippin Group


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