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By definition, rebirth is "a new or second birth," metempsychosis - "the passing of the soul at death," "spiritual regeneration," a renaissance, or revival. In the spirit of celebrating change, growth, and forward motion as Couturesque enters this new year and phase; we present our February/March theme - REBIRTH - exploring the states of change within fashion, beauty, culture, and our daily lives.

It's also about the sensations of new beginnings, the confusing journey of growing up, and paying tribute to the endless cycle of falling then emerging from the past into a renewed present like Daenerys Targaryen from the ashes. Visions of cleansing past selves, bad habits, and old memories, of living joyously within newfound self identity.

For many, change is an unsettling feeling of teetering (or, in some instances, being pushed) into the unknown. This theme is about demystifying that feeling by exploring its varied perspectives as thoroughly as possible. In light of shake-ups at Celine and Calvin Klein, Corinne, our Managing Editor, explores the cycle of change that occurs when a new creative director takes the helm of a storied house or brand, while Sarah, our new Deputy Editor, introduces us to an Instagram account keeping Phoebe Philo's Celiné alive. Our Fashion Editor, Clio, presents us with inspiring ways to breathe renewed live into winter styling. Sarah then tracks fashion's problematic history with anointing premature redemption. Maya, our new Creative Director, regenerates our creative content and will bring you exciting original material. And I look back on the memories of the pop culture that shaped my youth as it makes its way back into the zeitgeist. Also, feel free to soundtrack the next two months to our Feb/Mar playlist featuring songs of hope and renewal.

My goal for Couturesque is to continue to make this space a home-away-from-home, filled with friends excited to teach, learn, support, hype, and share with you all. This is the beginning of a thrilling new chapter - a true rebirth. Thank you for joining us on this ride.

All the love,

Autumn Breeze

Editor in Chief

P.S.: What does REBIRTH mean for you? Learn how to send us your personal writings, industry essays, editorials, and more here. Also, look ahead to April/May's theme, and create something for that - it'll be SISTERHOOD.

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