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Alternate title: what to wear when you have run out of summer outfit ideas and need some fresh inspiration. By now, we're well into summer and the heatwave that comes with it, and quite possibly, our repertoire of usual hot weather 'fits is starting to feel a bit fatigued. At the same time, the end of summer also usually means the time when we start panicking about staying on budget and saving up for rent or tuition for the year; in other words - no provisions for shopping, this time.

But that's okay, because reducing your buying is a) better for the planet, b) saves space, and c) forces you to get more creative with what you do have. For example, some of our favourite outfits right now are bringing back trends we loved from yesteryear - like windbreakers, pants under skirts or dresses, flowy vintage babydolls, and boiler suits. Chances are, you (or your parents or cool aunt or uncle, or the local secondhand shop) have some of these items already, and with your own sartorial point of view and some accessories, you can easily make some of these super cool looks your own this month. Goodbye, boring outfits! See ya never!


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