Photos by Susannah van der Zaag for Couturesque Magazine 2017
Styling & photos by Tia Elisabeth Glista for Couturesque Magazine


Girl Bands: The rock music narrative has long been male-centric, despite the groundbreaking advances made by female musicians who have stamped out their places in the foreground of musical (and stylistic!) innovation.  In celebration of the recent comeback of female musicians like Debbie Harry and Stevie Nicks, we're digging out our old band tees, cut-off's, and drumsticks.  Give us a fashion editorial's take on the girl band aesthetic - literal recreations to subtle homages welcome. 

What the Water Gave Me: Summer is the time for cooling off by the beach, lake, or pool.  Think about creative ways to engage with water in your fashion photography.

Wake Me Up: From brands like Glossier to It's Me and You, the art of photographing the morning routine and bedroom is an exercise in dissolving         the barriers between subject and voyeur.  Explore vulnerability and authenticity by capturing the morning; this could make a great beauty or fashion shoot (or both!) 

Fearless: What does it mean to be brave?  Show us.

        Please carefully read guidelines before submitting photography.


Fashion School: Are you a fashion student?  Pitch us a think piece based on your experience or outlook on a problem in fashion academia.  The proposed piece should have an original focus and have the potential to be 1200+ words long.

Fashion, Gender, and Bodies: Do you have a story to tell about fashion and gender identity?  We would like to be your platform.  Give us a brief pitch or outline for a piece that is well-informed and has the potential to be 1200+ words long.

My Clothes, My Choice: How do your fashion choices help you maintain a feeling of autonomy and ownership over your body?  Can fashion act as a kind of armour or resistance in a world where bodies are commodified, brutalized, and sexualized without consent? Put together a coherent, argumentative pitch and get ready to write a 1500 word think piece.

Beauty and Power: Beauty holds tremendous cultural capital, whether it's the value of a 'beautiful' female look, or the influence of the lucrative cosmetics industry.  Pitch a think piece to us about the relationship between beauty and power - feel free to get more specific - and make sure that the final piece can reach at least 1500 words. 

Seeing Yourself: What is it like to see your likeness represented?  In the fashion industry, representation is a contentious and popular discussion, and one that we've talked a lot about.  The politics can be challenging to navigate, but one thing is for certain - the feeling of identification with an image or person is a powerful one.  In 350-500 words, tell us about a time when you saw your community, identity, or likeness given a proper representation in fashion and how it made you feel.  We will chose 3 testimonies to publish in one continuous story.  


1.      We will be taking SUMMER 2017 submissions until August 5, 2017.  Please do not submit anything after this date.

2.      Please do not submit any previously published work - whether released on your social media or other editorial platforms - as we accept original content only.

3.      We adhere to very strict quality standards, meaning that if none of the submissions that we receive are in line with the calibre of writing/imaging as well as our publication's voice, we will not share any of them.  Please ensure, to the best of your ability, that you have spotless grammar and spelling; while we comb through all pieces for edits, we cannot spend hours reworking oodles of grammatical errors or unedited swaths of text.  We also ask that you pay close attention to the kind of writing and images that we share on the site in order to better understand our tone.

4.      We can only accept work from those over 13 years of age, and you must sign a parental consent form.

5.      Depending on the volume of submissions, there is a possibility that we will be unable to contact you if you are not chosen to be published.  If you don't hear from us within a month of submission, it's safe to assume that we cannot go forward with your submission.

6.      If we accept your work, you agree to have it edited and workshopped for our team.  You will get one chance to look over the final piece before it is published and may be consulted regarding the accompanying imagery.  At that point, your submission must be guaranteed to be unique to Couturesque and cannot be re-submitted elsewhere.

7.      We can cancel or remove your submission at any time.

8.      For our safety (and time) considerations, we cannot accept pieces sent via an Internet link or downloadable file.  For writing, please put your pitch in the body of the email.  For photography, we ask that you send a few of the final, medium resolution images to us via a Dropbox link (please use the "create link" function for this rather than sharing it with us via our email address, as this will allow all of our staff to access the folder).

9.      Most written submissions should first be sent as Pitches, 100-200 words, discussing your major and minor arguments, structure, and a couple of sources or examples that you intend to draw on.  We will notify you if your pitch has been chosen and will then give you a final due date for you to complete the full article by.

10.    Photographic submissions should be FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY with an editorial impetus.  We are looking for at least 3 looks per shoot, with a coherent theme, and multiple contributors (ex. makeup artist, model, stylist, etc.)  Your personal outfit or 'fashion blog' images will not be considered.

Read through all of this?  Send your submissions to with

PHOTOGRAPHY or WRITING and your name in the Subject field.